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Edmark Thinkin' Things Collection 1 - Mac OSX

Edmark Thinkin' Things Collection 1 - Mac OSX | Early Learning

Edmark Thinkin' Things Collection 1 - Mac OSX

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Thinkin’ Things Collection 1 takes place in Toony the Loon’s Lagoon where six different activities help early learners develop visual, spatial, logical and musical memory, problem solving skills, and essential critical-thinking skills. With all instructions spoken by the characters, reading is not required so that non-readers can participate fully.

Features & Benefits

Our children will live and work in an Information Age that we can only imagine. As they master the basic skills of the three R's, they must also develop a broader, higher-level set of thinking skills that will transfer to the content of the future. Given appropriate opportunities, the young mind is amazingly capable.

Edmark's Thinkin' Things Collection 1: Toony the Loon's Lagoon is designed to offer young students experiences with a variety of thinking skills: memory, critical thinking, problem solving, and creativity. Thinkin' Things Collection 1 celebrates intellectual diversity. A student's musical and rhythmic intelligence may shine when working with Toony the Loon and his xylophones, or visual and spatial intelligence in creating with BLOX, or logical and mathematical intelligence with the Fripple Guides and Feathered Friends. In areas that may not come as naturally to some children, Thinkin' Things Collection 1 offers warm, friendly experiences in which self-confidence is built, exploration and creativity are fostered, and persistence is rewarded with success.

Thinkin' Things Collection 1 also focuses attention on how students learn. Is a particular student more likely to remember what is seen or what is heard? How do they approach learning? Do they "guess and test?" Once something is "discovered", do they use that information in another way to "see what happens?" Do they, for example, prefer to take Fripple orders at the door (both auditory and visual), on the phone (auditory only), or by mail (visual only)? Thinkin' Things Collection 1 promotes learning in each student's areas of strength while encouraging growth and building skills in other areas as well.

Key Features:

• Six playful activities with engaging animated characters

• Question & Answer and Explore & Discover modes provide opportunity for independent and structured learning

• Automatically adjusts to each student's learning level, advancing in difficulty as the student successfully solves a problem

• Single Switch option increases accessibility for special needs students

Learning Benefits:

• Improves visual and auditory memory

• Builds logical, musical, spatial, and kinesthetic thinking skills

• Provides opportunity to compare and contrast attributes

• Enhances observation and perception abilities

• Introduces hypotheses and testing of tules

• Introduces the relationship between scientific exploration and creativity

System Requirements

Operating System: Mac OS X 10.1.5 or later, including macOS High Sierra 10.13

Processor: G3 233 MHz or faster, including any Intel-based Mac
Memory: 128 MB RAM
Display: 800 x 600, Thousands of Colors
Free Hard Disk Space: 60 MB