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Enhance: Math Skills

Enhance: Math Skills | Special Education


A set of supplemental materials for boosting current core math curricula

Instructional supports ideal for students with intellectual disability or autism. Enhancements quickly and inexpensively upgrade classroom instruction, regardless of the curricula in place. Enhancements are flexible, and ready to use right out of the box. They blend hands-on and print materials with multimedia software, creating an engaging learning environment that makes teaching fun.

Student Books provide age-appropriate content, well-crafted activities aligned to standards,
plus a PDF on CD with a Classroom License for printouts. Software titles have the attributes you’ve come to expect: visual and audio support, easy-to-use interface, systematic presentation of skills, scanning capability for switch users, unlimited student logins, and student performance reports. Software titles feature a Three Computer License so multiple students can be working simultaneously.

Enhance: Math Skills

Enhance: Math Skills
Price: $239.00   SRP: $249.00

Features and Benefits

  • Provides a blended approach to math with print materials and multimedia software
  • Materials are ready-to-use directly out of the box
  • Includes: Explore Math 1 and Explore Math 2 Student Books with PDF CDs for printouts, Dollars & Cents Software, Show Me Math Software, and Adapting Math Money Skills Book with PDF CD