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Explore Life Science

Explore Life Science | Special Education


NEW! A standards-based curriculum for secondary students to learn the basics of biology

This curriculum has five main components: Student Book, Instructor’s Guide, Reference Guides, Study Cards and Lab Materials.

The Student Book has 11 chapters. These chapters cover the four following themes: Ecology, Evolution, Cell Biology, and Human Body Systems. Each chapter follows a consistent format: Chapter Title Page, Big Ideas, a Major Illustration, Vocabulary Words, an Overview, Important Topics, In Focus, a hands-on Lab lesson, and lastly a Quiz/Review. The Student Book covers essential biological concepts but presents them with extensive illustrations and simplified text that can be read aloud to nonreaders. Vocabulary and Big Ideas are emphasized throughout the chapters to help students learn the concepts. Each chapter has a lab and a 15–20 second animation. These further emphasize topics from the chapter while appealing to different learning styles.

The Instructor’s Guide presents a sequence of 79 lessons. The 45-minute lessons integrate use of the Student Book, Reference Guides, Animations, and more. Three Student Book pages are typically covered per lesson. Suggestions for emphasizing the concepts are provided in each lesson. The Appendix features two versions of three Term Tests, each assessing a certain group of chapters. Downloadable student materials, assessments, an Image Library, and more is also included.

There are four laminated Reference Guides also included. These provide a large format for students to study concepts. They also provide additional information to function as a lesson extension. Study Cards with each vocabulary word and Big Idea are also provided.

Each chapter has a lab associated with it. Concepts are taught in a hands-on way with the Lab Materials. These include card games, microscope slides, an animal cell model, and much more. A consumable Student Workbook is included so students can have their own book for the Big Ideas, Vocabulary, and Quizzes.

Explore Life Science Chapters:

  • Exploring Life Science
  • Living Things
  • Environments
  • Evolution
  • Looking at Cells
  • Inside a Cell
  • Musculoskeletal System
  • Respiratory System
  • Circulatory System
  • Digestive System
  • Nervous System
  • Glossary

The Curriculum includes: Student Book, consumable Student Workbook, Instructor’s Guide, 1 set of Reference Guides, 1 set of Study Cards, and 1 set of Lab Materials.

The Curriculum Plus includes: The Curriculum plus a total of 10 consumable Student Workbooks, 2 sets of References Guides, the entire page set of workbook pages as accessible GoWorksheets (iPad only), and samples of communication overlays. The GoWorksheets can be used with the free GoWorksheet app or the full GoWorksheet Plus app available on the App Store.

Explore Life Science

Explore Life Science Curriculum
Price: $249.00   SRP: $259.00
Explore Life Science Curriculum Plus
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Explore Life Science Lab Kit
Price: $95.00   SRP: $99.00
Explore Life Science Student Book
Price: $33.50   SRP: $34.00

Features and Benefits

  • Adaptable for various learning and communication preferences
  • Follows consistent format across 11 chapters and four themes: ecology, evolution, cell biology, and human body systems
  • Provides extensive illustrations, simplified text, and outlined labs for hands-on learning
  • Includes downloadable digital files, four laminated reference guides to extend lessons, vocabulary and Big Idea study cards, lab materials, and an animation for each chapter