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Explore Math

Explore Math | Special Education

Explore Math

Student Book 1
Price: $32.95   SRP: $34.00
Student Book 2
Price: $32.95   SRP: $34.00
Introductory Kit
Price: $257.95   SRP: $259.00
Classroom Kit
Price: $489.95   SRP: $499.00


Explore Math is a full-year curriculum for high school students participating in alternate assessments based upon alternate achievement standards. It has two components, a Student Book and a Teacherís Manual.

The Student Book has six chapters: Math Vocabulary, Using Numbers 0Ė12, 0Ė18, 0Ė100, 0Ė1000, and Fractions. Heavily illustrated student activities/worksheets are adult appropriate with life skill themes like shopping, sports, work, and cooking. They incorporate functional skills like money use, time telling, and reading graphs, maps, and thermometers. Large photos clearly depict concepts and help struggling students independently solve math problems.

The Teacherís Manual structures the Student Book into 22 Lessons, each including an objective, material list, and step-by-step procedure.

Features & Benefits

The Introductory Kit includes Student Book and Teacherís Manual. The Classroom Kit includes 8 Student Books and a Teacherís Manual. Extra Student Books are also sold separately.

The Curriculum Plus includes the Curriculum plus a total of 40 consumable Student Workbooks (20 copies of Book 1 and 20 copies of Book 2 for each title), the GoWorksheet Maker iPad App, a set of corresponding GoWorksheet activities, and samples of communication overlays.

System Requirements

Explore Math Student Book, spiralbound, full color, 183 pgs. Teacherís Manual, spiralbound, full color, 167 pgs., includes PDF on WinMac CD with a Classroom License for printouts.