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Explore Math Curriculum

Explore Math Curriculum | Special Education

Explore Math Curriculum

Explore Math 1 Student Book
Price: $32.95   SRP: $34.00
Explore Math 2 Student Book
Price: $32.95   SRP: $34.00
Explore Math Curriculum
Price: $257.95   SRP: $259.00
Explore Math Curriculum Plus
Price: $489.95   SRP: $499.00
Explore Math 1 Student Workbooks (2 book set)- 10
Price: $127.00   SRP: $129.00
Explore Math 2 Student Workbooks (2 book set) - 10
Price: $127.00   SRP: $129.00


A standards-based curriculum for functional math concepts for secondary students with age-appropriate examples

Product Features:
  • Aligned to Common Core, state standards, and NCTM standards
  • Lessons do not need to be completed sequentially and may be grouped based on teacher preference
  • Images incorporated in word problems provide visual prompts
  • Uses life skill themes to connect concepts to the real world including budgeting money, telling time, keeping a calendar, following a map, reading graphs, and understanding paychecks
  • Explore Math and Explore Math 2 create this multiyear program

Features & Benefits

  • Two progressive student books
  • Corresponding Teacher Manuals
  • PDFs for printouts
  • Photo illustrated worksheets
  • Life skill themes
  • Problems challenge but don’t overwhelm
  • Alignment to state and national standards, including the common core

Explore Math has six chapters: Math Vocabulary, Using Numbers 0–12, Using Numbers 0–18, Using Numbers 0–100, Using Numbers 0–1000, and Fractions.

Explore Math 2 has four chapters: Home, Work, Community, and Leisure Math. It expands the concepts presented in book one and links them to a character’s everyday life. For example, Dionn works at a sports equipment company and needs to find the phone numbers of coworkers, determine map distances, schedule a business trip, and calculate business expenses.

The Curriculum includes both Student Books, 4 consumable Student Workbooks (a Book 1 and Book 2 for each title), corresponding Teacher's Manuals, and 2 discs with Classroom Licenses for printouts.

The Curriculum Plus includes the Curriculum plus a total of 40 consumable Student Workbooks (20 copies of Book 1 and 20 copies of Book 2 for each title), the GoWorksheet Maker iPad App, a set of corresponding GoWorksheet activities, and samples of communication overlays.