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Explore Personal Care

Explore Personal Care | Special Education


A skills-based curriculum for adolescents and adults to develop independent personal care routines by completing activities step-by-step

The print component features two gender-specific Survival Guide books with corresponding sets of Activity Cards. These student books are an encyclopedia of personal care activities with problem solving and comprehension quizzes. Activities are presented in a consistent sequence: photo preview, vocabulary, facts, step-by-step illustrations, helpful tips. Activity Cards help students create and follow personal routines.

The Teacher’s Manual includes lesson plans, activity performance checklists, sample Survival Guide pages, and quick reference codes linked to the personal care videos. The 19 video segments provided on DVD present the big ideas in the curriculum—like Taking Care of your Smile and Being Social and Safe.

Personal Success Software and Personal Success iPad App meld the Survival Guides with the videos into easy-to-navigate multimedia programs.

Introductory Kit Includes: 2 Survival Guides with Activity Cards, one for women, one for men; activity card holder; DVD; Teacher’s Manual with a PDF on disc and a Classroom License for printouts; Personal Success Software and App.

Classroom Kit Includes: 8 Survival Guides with Activity Cards, four for women, four for men; two activity card holders; and all other items in the Introductory Kit.

*Personal care software includes PDF versions of the student books both with and without symbol support.

By Don Bastian, Tom Kinney and Autumn Garza. Teacher's Manual, 250 pages. Men's Survival Guide, 285 pages. Women's Survival Guide, 324 pages. All books spiralbound, 2014.

Explore Personal Care

Explore Personal Care Introductory Kit
Price: $279.00   SRP: $299.00
Explore Personal Care Classroom Kit
Price: $499.00   SRP: $529.00
Explore Personal Care Student Book & Cards Only -
Price: $39.00   SRP: $42.00
Explore Personal Care Student Book & Cards Only -
Price: $39.00   SRP: $42.00

Features and Benefits

  • Students learn how to maintain personal hygiene and appearance, and to understand skills’ importance
  • Integrates printed text, video models, and role play scenarios
  • Teachers can adapt lessons for students with different learning preferences or requirements
  • Uses task analysis approach to break down each skill
  • Includes guidance for teachers for implementing each lesson
  • Offers gender-specific visual aids in printed books
  • Women’s guide includes menstrual care and final touches for getting ready lessons
  • Facilitates structured completion and practice of each skill