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Explore Social Skills 2

Explore Social Skills 2 | Special Education


A skills-based curriculum to develop an understanding of emotions and facial cues; A natural progression from Explore Social Skills

Understanding how other people feel is difficult for many students, especially those with autism. Author Pat Crissey tackles this issue head on by linking emotions with facial expressions, and teaching their recognition step by step. Includes a photo illustrated Student Book and an easy-to-implement Instructor’s Guide, and PDF disk for printing out student materials and assessments. The program is age neutral.

The Classroom Kit includes eight Student Books, one Instructor’s Guide, and a CD containing PDFs of student materials and assessments.

Explore Social Skills 2

Explore Social Skills 2 Introductory Kit
Price: $89.00   SRP: $99.00
Explore Social Skills 2 Classroom Kit
Price: $269.00   SRP: $279.00
Explore Social Skills 2 Student Book
Price: $33.00   SRP: $34.00

Features and Benefits

  • Links emotions with facial expressions step-by-step
  • Teaches students how someone would feel in a situation
  • Photo illustrated student book gives accurate and easily generalized examples at a 3rd grade reading level
  • Five chapters include: Understanding Emotions, Basic Facial Expressions, Variations and Intensity of Emotions, Other Facial Expressions, and Putting Everything Together