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Explore Social Studies

Explore Social Studies | Special Education


A literature-based curriculum for secondary students at two distinct reading levels

Explore Social Studies covers five disciplines: Civics, Economics, American History, World History, and Geography. Fifty topics explore big ideas like The Right to Vote and Pioneers Travel West. Includes a Student Book, Instructor's Guide, and two consumable Student Workbooks (Book 1 and Book 2).

The core feature of the Student Book is a collection of 50 illustrated essays with corresponding comprehension activities, arranged by discipline. These are written at two reading levels, organized into separate sections of the book. The higher level essays average a reading difficulty of 5th grade with about 275 words and five vocabulary terms per passage. The easier level contains simplified text with fewer words (75) and vocabulary terms (0–2). The two levels of quizzes vary in difficulty as well. A third symbol-based quiz option, found on the PDF disk, helps nonreaders demonstrate their comprehension.

The Instructor’s Guide links lesson plans with sample pages from the Student Book. The lessons organize topics into key concepts that reflect essential components of a social studies curriculum. The guide also includes PDFs with of all student materials.

The Curriculum includes: 1 Student Book, 2 consumable Student Workbooks, and an Instructor's Guide with a PDF on disc with a Classroom License for printouts.

The Curriculum Plus includes: The Curriculum plus a total of 20 consumable Student Workbooks (10 copies of Book 1 and 10 copies of Book 2), the entire page set of workbook pages as accessible GoWorksheets (iPad only), and samples of communication overlays. The GoWorksheets can be used with the free GoWorksheet app or the full GoWorksheet Plus app available on the App Store.

Explore Social Studies

Explore Social Studies Curriculum
Price: $89.00   SRP: $99.00
Explore Social Studies Curriculum Plus
Price: $269.00   SRP: $279.00
Explore Social Studies Student Book
Price: $33.50   SRP: $34.00

Features and Benefits

  • Consists of two reading difficulty levels for grades 6-12
  • 50 topics cover big ideas like the right to vote and pioneers travel west
  • Spans five disciplines: Civics, Economics, American History, World History, and Geography
  • Includes a student book and instructor’s guide