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Explore World History

Explore World History | Special Education


A standards-based curriculum for secondary students that follows a chronology from early humans to modern times

The Student Book has 14 chapters divided into three types: Keys to History, Historical Eras, and Historical Themes. Chapters follow a consistent format: Big Idea, Vocabulary, Chapter Overview, Important Topic, Review, and Write About It. The simplified text is heavily illustrated and intended to be read to students who are nonreaders. Students are frequently presented with important social study tools, like timelines, maps, and tables.

The Instructor’s Guide presents a sequence of ninety-seven, 45-minute lessons by integrating the use of the Student Book, Reference Booklets, and video clips. Also included are downloadable PDFs of all student materials plus chapter and unit assessments at two different levels.

The four laminated Reference Booklets provide a large format for students to study important timelines, maps, graphs, and tables. The Lesson Plans Reference Guide gives an overview of all 97 of the World History lessons, including the lesson type, the objective, the student book pages covered, and the lesson content. The World Historical Videos, provided on DVD and via online streaming, are short clips focusing on big topics like Making Stone Tools and the Rise of Agriculture.

The 108 Study Cards help students review the big ideas in the chapter. These cards can also be used for the Write About It activity with students who are nontraditional writers.

World History Chapters:

  • Study Tools
  • Geography
  • Early Humans
  • Agriculture
  • Early Civilizations
  • Writing
  • Classic Empires
  • Trade
  • Middle Ages
  • Religion
  • Early Modern
  • War
  • Modern Times
  • Biographies

The Curriculum includes: One Student Book, one 2-part consumable Student Workbook, one Instructor’s Guide with downloadable PDFs, World Historical Videos DVD, 1 set of Reference Booklets, 1 set of Study Cards, and 1 Lesson Plans Reference Booklet.

The Curriculum Plus includes: The Curriculum plus a total of 10 consumable Student Workbooks (10 2-part workbooks), 2 sets of Reference Booklets, the entire page set of workbook pages as accessible GoWorksheets (iPad only), and samples of communication overlays. The GoWorksheets can be used with the free GoWorksheet app or the full GoWorksheet Plus app available on the App Store.

Explore World History

Explore World History Curriculum
Price: $179.00   SRP: $199.00
Explore World History Curriculum Plus
Price: $299.00   SRP: $329.00

Features and Benefits

  • Ideal for students participating in alternate assessments
  • Supports students with an intellectual disability or autism
  • Creates a full-year curriculum or divides into separate lessons
  • Student book includes 14 chapters with a consistent format
  • Incorporates timelines, maps, tables, and historical videos
  • Symbol-supported text for being read aloud and assisting nonreaders or emergent readers