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Exploring Robotics

Comprehensive Robotics Curriculum

Easy to implement in your class....
Our goal is simple: To create teaching and learning success stories, one student at a time.
We know teachers are busy and often
don't have time to learn about robots and engineering while planning
STEM lessons. That's why we created curricula with robot kits to help
teach STEM topics like Algebra, Geometry, Physics, Science, Computer
Science, and Mechatronics.

Modular online lessons (50-55 minutes)

Enrichment activities

Hands-on Project based robot activities

Web links and Interactive Learning

Student e-books (printable)

Simulations and Animations

Worksheets for each lesson (Word docs)

Flexible Lesson Plans and printed Teacher Guides

Engaging content-rich videos

Grading Rubrics and Assessments

Step by step instruction with 3D models

Cross-curricula writing and communication assignments

Teamwork projects

Incorporates engineering design concepts

Quiz questions and answer keys

Career exploration videos and assignments