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Exploring Robotics Curriculum with Scribbler - Single

Exploring Robotics Curriculum with Scribbler - Single | Exploring Robotics

Exploring Robotics Curriculum with Scribbler - Single

Single Scribbler
Price: $216.00   SRP: $216.00
Curriculum One License
Price: $150.00   SRP: $150.00


Exploring Robotics Curriculum with Scribbler Robot

Teach Programming Concepts and Reinforce Math, Science, and Arts (STEAM) with Scribbler Robot

(for Grades 6-8)

With drawing, music, lights, and dance routines, both girls and
boys enjoy Scribbler robot. When they program the robot to dance and
play the Hokey Pokey, everyone is having a blast! But itís not just
playing with robots, students are actively learning. The curriculum
provides an introduction to programming graphically and applies math and
science. This is great for classrooms, computer labs, after school, or
summer camps.

  • The robot does line following, drawing (pen inserts in
    center), dancing, plays music, flashes lights, avoids objects, and uses
  • Each lesson comes with step by step instructions and activity work sheets to turn in.
  • Engaging videos introduce the lesson topics and present new concepts.
  • Students program the robot with simple blocks that fit together like puzzle pieces.
  • Scribbler robot is a fully assembled robot, which means no parts to track, and robots can be moved from room to room!
  • Scribbler robot is robust enough to be used with many classes for several years.
  • Teamwork, projects and fun in-class competitions are included.

Features & Benefits

Common Core Math and Science Topics

  • Math topics include calculating diameter, radius, and drawing rectangles, triangles, and other shapes.
  • Science topics include sound waves, light, LEDs, and electricity.

Turn-Key Curriculum

Any math or science teacher can use this curriculum. No
engineering or programming experience required. Just a few hours of
online training and technical support available when you need it!

This comprehensive curriculum includes easy to use lessons with
videos, step-by-step instructions, work sheets and test questions.

Comprehensive Active Learning Curriculum is Easy to Implement ....

  • Modular online lessons (50-55 minutes)
  • Lesson Plans for 10, 18, or 36 days
  • Student e-books (printable or view on screen)
  • Worksheets for each lesson (Word docs)
  • Hands-on Project based robot activities
  • Engaging content-rich videos
  • Step by step instruction with 3D models
  • Teamwork projects
  • Quiz questions and answer keys (Word Docs)
  • Enrichment activities
  • Web links and Interactive Learning
  • Flexible Lesson Plans and printed Teacher Guide
  • Grading Rubrics and Assessments
  • Career exploration videos and assignments

Recommended - by teachers, students, and parents:

      • for grades 6-8 as part of science, math, or art class
      • for robotics clubs, tech camps, and after school programs
      • for applying STEAM and common core math and science concepts,
      • for teaching logic, programming (or coding) concepts
      • for distance learning and home school
      • for motivating students to take STEM courses in high school

Step by step instructions with fun activities

  • Classroom competitions included - maze, line following, drawing, and dance routines keep students motivated.
  • Students must apply math and science to program the robot.
    Videos present math topics like calculating diameter, radius, and
    drawing rectangles, triangles, and other shapes. Science topics include
    sound waves, light, LEDs, and electricity.
  • Videos introduce programming, sensors, and engineering
    concepts. Programs are downloaded to the robot over a cable which
    attaches and detaches easily.
  • Activities provide step by step instruction for programming with simple blocks that fit together like puzzle pieces.
  • Online lessons can be viewed on tablets or other devices.
  • With this fully Assembled Robot, there are no parts to track or replace! Mutliple classes can use the robots at one time.
  • Perpetual Licensing for school labs and individuals means no yearly renewal fees.
  • Self-paced instruction allows students to work at their own pace, and catch up easily if they miss a day.
  • Great for reinforcing teamwork with 2 or 3 students per robot.
  • STEM career presentations and research - programming, engineering, and more.
  • Beginning level - no programming or engineering experience required of teacher or student!
  • Affordable with additional discounts for 10 or 20 robots.

System Requirements

1 Scribbler S2 Robot

Comes bundled with

6 Re-chargable AA Batteries, Battery Charger, and USB adapter

(Order one per student or team of students who share a robot)

Plays music, dances, follows lines, locates walls for running a maze, and much more...

Requires Windows PC computer for programming.

Note - curriculum not included in this package.