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Exploring Robotics with Python - Classroom Pack

Exploring Robotics with Python - Classroom Pack | Exploring Robotics

Exploring Robotics with Python - Classroom Pack

Classroom Pack
Price: $5,475.00   SRP: $5,475.00


Python Curriculum


CURRICULUM for Grades 8-12 for learning Python Programming

Exploring Robotics with Programming provides 2 components that
make it simple to learn all about robotics as self-study, part of a
class, or as part of a robot club. These curriculum components can be
purchased together in one package, or individually.

Exploring Robotics with Python

  • 13 Online lessons with Activities for programming the Scribbler S2 robot.
  • 3 Class Competitions to keep students engaged.
  • E-book with 200+ pages by IPRE
  • Step-by-step videos provide self-directed learning.
  • Hands-on activities with the robot. Learn to turn the motors,
    program the sensors, avoid obstacles, turn on lights, make sounds, take
    pictures, and much more!

Learn Programming

  • Entry Level - No Prior Programming or Robotics Experience Required!
  • Use Scribbler to experience artificial intelligence and insect behaviors.
  • Programming code is easily accessible for all activities to guide students as they work.
  • Learn programming concepts and commands to include variables,
    functions, conditions, strings, case statements, memory, iterations,
    classes, and subroutines.
  • Interface with electronic components, cameras, sensors and a game pad.
  • Write math formulas, create loops, use random numbers, process images, draw lines, follow lights, and much more!
  • Professional videos present programming concepts that many entry-level students find confusing.

Exploring Robotics with Programming Presentations

Features & Benefits

Provides 13 lessons with 24 video presentations (with optional quizzes) to learn basic concepts of robotics and how robots are used in many industries.

  • Over 13 hours of engaging video provides exciting content for
    learning introductory robot systems, electronics, programming and
    engineering concepts.
  • Discover developments in artificial intelligence, autonomous
    vehicles, gears, machine movement, end effectors, motors, torque, and
  • Learn about the history of robots and the technologies that make robots possible.
  • See hundreds of robots in action: industrial, space, medical, military, domestic.
  • Compare robot systems to human systems while learning the parts of robots.
  • Career planning. Explore the future of robotics along with job
    opportunities and career paths for programmers, technicians, engineers,
    scientists, and others.

System Requirements

ER ASURO Class Lab Pack for 30 students - with
31 ARX ASURO Robots (1 for teacher), 124 AAA
rechargeable batteries, 31 Flashing LED solder
kits. Note: robot software requires Windows PC

ER ASURO Electronic Tools and Meter for 30
students (3 students per group)- includes 16
battery chargers, 31 storage boxes with
breadboard kits,10 tool boxes with electronics
hand tools, soldering iron, solder, helping
hand, 10 Professional Digital Multimeters

ER ASURO Electronics Lab Curriculum for
grades 10-12 - STEM self-paced curriculum with
school lab license permits install on all
computers in lab or use online. Includes
instructor book and DVD.

Online Teacher Prof. Dev. - Individual sessions
via video conference and teacher support