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Exploring Robotics with Python - Single

Exploring Robotics with Python - Single | Exploring Robotics

Exploring Robotics with Python - Single

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Python Curriculum


CURRICULUM for Grades 8-12 for learning Python Programming

Exploring Robotics with Programming provides 2 components that
make it simple to learn all about robotics as self-study, part of a
class, or as part of a robot club. These curriculum components can be
purchased together in one package, or individually.

Exploring Robotics with Python

  • 13 Online lessons with Activities for programming the Scribbler S2 robot.
  • 3 Class Competitions to keep students engaged.
  • E-book with 200+ pages by IPRE
  • Step-by-step videos provide self-directed learning.
  • Hands-on activities with the robot. Learn to turn the motors,
    program the sensors, avoid obstacles, turn on lights, make sounds, take
    pictures, and much more!

Learn Programming

  • Entry Level - No Prior Programming or Robotics Experience Required!
  • Use Scribbler to experience artificial intelligence and insect behaviors.
  • Programming code is easily accessible for all activities to guide students as they work.
  • Learn programming concepts and commands to include variables,
    functions, conditions, strings, case statements, memory, iterations,
    classes, and subroutines.
  • Interface with electronic components, cameras, sensors and a game pad.
  • Write math formulas, create loops, use random numbers, process images, draw lines, follow lights, and much more!
  • Professional videos present programming concepts that many entry-level students find confusing.

Exploring Robotics with Programming Presentations

Features & Benefits

Provides 13 lessons with 24 video presentations (with optional quizzes) to learn basic concepts of robotics and how robots are used in many industries.

  • Over 13 hours of engaging video provides exciting content for
    learning introductory robot systems, electronics, programming and
    engineering concepts.
  • Discover developments in artificial intelligence, autonomous
    vehicles, gears, machine movement, end effectors, motors, torque, and
  • Learn about the history of robots and the technologies that make robots possible.
  • See hundreds of robots in action: industrial, space, medical, military, domestic.
  • Compare robot systems to human systems while learning the parts of robots.
  • Career planning. Explore the future of robotics along with job
    opportunities and career paths for programmers, technicians, engineers,
    scientists, and others.

System Requirements

ER Python Student Pack -
includes 1 Scribbler robot, 1
Fluke Board, 6 rechargeable AA
batteries, Bluetooth adapter, 1
roll line following tape, 1 battery

ER Python Individual Self-paced
Curriculum License for one