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Family Interview Assignment

Question Prompts: Interviewing Family Members

The interview process can be very enjoyable for students. Questions can range from gathering vital data to uncovering insight into family traditions, cultures and sharing a special glimpse into the past.

Categorized by the seven cultural universals, here are a few questions to help your students get started.  Word Document


•What is your full name?

•Were you named after someone?

• Did you have any nicknames?

•When were you born and where?

• What were your schools like?


• Were you in the military? Where did you serve?

•What would you consider to be the most important inventions? That have been made during your lifetime?

•What types of jobs did you have?


•Where did you live and how long did you live there?

•How many times did you move as a kid?

•What kind of neighborhood was it?

• What was the last grade you completed?

•Did you have chores? What were they?

•What kind of food did you eat when you were a kid?

•What did you usually wear to school?

•Do you have a special family recipe?


•Who is the oldest member of the family that you remember?

•Can you tell me about our family customs or traditions?

•How did our ancestors greet each other? with a handshake?

•Can you name some people that inspire you?


•What language(s) were spoken in your home?

•What communication devices were used in your family?

•Did you learn more than one language?


•What kind of books did you like to read?

•Do have any family stories?

•Have you met any famous people?


•What sports did you play?

•What were your hobbies?

•Did you receive awards or accolades?