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Focus on Function: Gaining Essential Communication Skills-Second Edition

Focus on Function: Gaining Essential Communication Skills-Second Edition | Special Education

Focus on Function: Gaining Essential Communication Skills-Second Edition

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  • Grade Level: All
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Focus on FunctionSecond Edition is a compendium
of functional communication activities developed for the individual with
mild to moderate deficits in reading, writing, listening and speaking
that impact daily life. You will also find Focus on FunctionSecond Edition
to be an important tool for your adolescent and adult students who
speak English as a second language (ESL), those with learning
differences, and others needing to strengthen communicative activities
of daily living. The primary purpose of Focus on FunctionSecond Edition
is to foster independence. Each activity is categorized according to
guidelines established by the American Speech Language Hearing
Associations (ASHA) Functional Communication Measures (FCMs), the
American Occupational Therapy Associations (AOTA) skills categories,
and the World Health Organizations (WHO) International Classification
of Functioning, Disability, and Health Codes. The activities are
organized into the following areas:

  • Basic Communication, including expressing ideas and starting conversations
  • Using the Phone, including making appointments and taking messages
  • Managing and Understanding Time, including designing a schedule and using a calendar
  • Managing and Understanding Finances, including check writing and using an ATM
  • Shopping, including working with money and using coupons
  • Meals and Cooking, including planning menus, writing shopping lists, and cooking
  • Getting Around, including reading and understanding signs, symbols and maps
  • Activities around the House, including ordering, reading directions, writing letters
  • Social Participation, including social exchanges and discussing feelings and emotions
  • Leisure Activities, including using the internet and communicating via email
  • Work Related Tasks, including resume writing and completing applications

highly useful book includes a Skills Assessment Inventory and a
Communication History and Interest Form to determine which skill areas
need reinforcement and to focus on the personal, vocational and social
interests of the client or student. The manual provides reproducible
workbook pages and tasks such as:

  • checks
  • application forms
  • calendars
  • maps
  • TV logs
  • recipes
  • restaurant menus and check
  • monthly bills
  • catalog pages
  • photos

book is useful to speech language pathologists, occupational
therapists, teachers of adolescents and adults, ESL instructors,
counselors, and psychologists.

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