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This is the first product to create a natural conversational flow—one of the most challenging tasks in therapy!

The games replicate natural conversational interactions. Clients have choices and freedom in selecting topics, creating responses, determining the order of turns, and the amount of time for each topic. The skills necessary for successful conversation—vocabulary, grammar, critical thinking and reasoning with social awareness, listener perspective, and nonverbal language—are integrated into the games.

Functional Conversation Gamesconsists of:

  1. A 40-page manual with directions, reproducible game boards and materials, and dozens of conversation prompts and supports.
  2. Three card decks are used to teach 25 conversational strategies. Clients learn to express functional topics, ask questions, and give appropriate, specific comments.

Deck 1 Conversation Topics:200 topics in the themes of Friends & Family, Everyday Happenings, Special Occasions, and Fun & Make-Believe

Deck 2 Communication Intents:50 natural ways to introduce a topic and take-turns in conversation such as:

  • using scripted words and starter phrases
  • asking questions to clarify and seek information
  • retelling information
  • making comments
  • offering an explanation
  • expressing an opinion

Deck 3 Places & Events:each card lists an Everyday Place, an Everyday Event, and a Fun or Make-Believe Place or Event

Four games are provided in the manual, but the cards are designed to be used in any way that complements your therapy needs and you'll find many ways to incorporate the heavy-weight content into social language therapy. The materials are useful for persons with:

  • expressive language and/or pragmatic (social) deficits
  • high-functioning autism
  • emotional impairments, mental illness, or behavior problems requiring improved social skills
  • mild developmental delays
  • neurological impairment resulting from stroke, brain injury, early dementia, or chemical dependency
  • auditory processing disorders

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COMPLETE KIT INCLUDES:40-page manual, 3 card decks (50 cards per deck), all in a vinyl folder. (©2011)


  • Publisher: Pro-Ed Inc
  • Grade Level: All
  • Item #: 37518

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