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Get a Job Curriculum

Get a Job Curriculum | Special Education


A functional curriculum for job-related social and self-management skills for the workplace and home environments

To be successful in getting and keeping a job, students with disabilities need interview skills, social skills in a variety of areas, and most of all preparedness for the many and varied challenges of a job setting. As a result, they need lots of time to learn and practice vocational skills.

This curriculum teaches such competencies as the ability to self-examine one's strengths and weaknesses, creative problem-solving skills, self-confidence and assertiveness, advocacy skills and accepting responsibility.

Co-authored by speech-language pathologist Corinne Thomas-Kersting and special education teacher and occupational therapist Dona Schumacher. Covered spiralbound book, 80 pages, includes a Win/Mac CD with printable PDF, 2008.

Get a Job Curriculum

Get a Job Curriculum
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Features and Benefits

  • Teaches skills for successfully getting and maintaining a job
  • Supports review and assessment of videotaped interview skills
  • Key concepts include self-examining personal strengths and weaknesses, creative problem-solving, self-confidence and assertiveness, advocacy, and accepting responsibility