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Getting Real Program

Getting Real Program | Special Education


A practical knowledge curriculum for math, English language arts, and word recognition

This comprehensive curriculum includes two books. Getting Real Program and Getting Real with Reading focus on teaching academic skills to students with intellectual disability, seventh grade to adult.

Getting Real Program emphasizes functional math and language arts. Math concepts include counting, paying bills, telling time, following a calendar and using a calculator. Language Arts activities cover writing, functional words and telephone skills. The pretest, instruction and post-test sequence is ideal for IEPs.

Getting Real with Reading features lessons for 36 weeks. This structured system stresses repetitive practice, group reading and survival word instruction.

By Debbie Semple and Shelia Lechler. Includes two spiralbound books, 2006, with PDFs on Win/Mac CDs with Classroom License for printouts.

Getting Real Program

Getting Real Program
Price: $89.00   SRP: $99.00

Features and Benefits

  • Ideal for secondary and adult students with an intellectual disability
  • Includes structured pre-testing, planning, teaching, and evaluating
  • Covers functional skills like paying bills, telling time, and using the telephone
  • Provides sentences, worksheets, word cards, survival word cards, and discussion questions