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Hands-On Math

Hands-On Math | Special Education


A standards-based program taught with manipulatives to transition students from concrete to abstract math concepts

  • 60 lessons are organized by unit, skill area, and lesson
  • Work can be done independently or in a group setting
  • Photo illustrated instructions offer visual prompts to students
  • Units include counting, sets, math signs, patterns, and base ten

Hands-On Math

Hands on Math
Price: $269.00   SRP: $299.00

Features and Benefits

Kids learn best when they are purposefully engaged, and math manipulatives help them to grasp abstract concepts. Hands-On Math teaches a wide range of standards-based math lessons to students with an intellectual disability and/or autism, regardless of age.

At the heart of Hands-On Math, is a set of four number lines used to demonstrate concepts and help solve related math problems. Instruction is organized by unit, skill area, and lesson. All units: Counting, Sets, Math symbols, Patterns, and Base Ten, have four skill areas. Photo-illustrated instructions help teachers present the lesson.

Students work independently or in small groups to solve problems. Both representational (pictures) and abstract (numbers and symbols) formats are presented on the laminated Activity Cards, offering differentiation for each lesson. Follow the photo-rich Instructor’s Guide to prepare for and to set up a lesson quickly. The Instructor's Guide features a PDF CD with additional Activity Cards for lesson expansion. Printable Assessment Forms and Performance Data Sheets are included on the PDF CD for easy monitoring of student progress.

tems Included:

  • Instructor's Guide: Provides step-by-step instruction for the 60 Hands-On-Math lessons, appendixes present Activity Cards and supplemental resources.
  • PDF on CD with Classroom license for printouts: Includes four folders: Assessment Forms, Supplemental Lesson Resources, Activity and Concept Cards (standard and supplemental), Complete Instructor's Guide.
  • Scope and Sequence Guide: One version is arranged by Level and the other side by Skill Area.
  • Bins with Pegs: Includes 30 small yellow and red pegs and 20 large yellow and red pegs.
  • Number Line 0-10: The most commonly used number line.
  • Number Line 11-20: Combines with number line 0-10 for counting, operational and pattern lessons.
  • Number Line 10-100: Combines with number line 0-10 to represent numbers within 100. The only number line to use large pegs.
  • Number Line Extension 1-9: Combines with 0-10 number line in addition regrouping lessons.
  • Number Book: Illustrated book that includes four sections: Nubmers 0-100, Skip Counting, Even and Odd and Number Words.
  • 60 Activity Cards: Laminated for writing with dry erase marker.
  • Symbol Cards: Nine two-sided cards with symbols and describing words.
  • 3 foam number dice: Large format foam dice showing numerals 0-5
  • Standard dice: Standard dot pattern dice commonly used in games
  • 0-100 number disks: Disks show numeral on one side and corresponding number word on the other.