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Health Advocacy Curriculum

Health Advocacy Curriculum | Special Education


A skills-based curriculum for adolescents and adults to develop independent healthy lifestyle choices

Health Advocacy Program consists of 20 one-hour lessons, each with teacher scripts for discussions and hands-on activities and student worksheets. It covers healthy eating, exercise, relationships, sexuality, stress and medical issues like high blood pressure, diabetes and depression. The DVD is for staff and shows the Program in action.

Supporting Healthy Lifestyles is an objective-based tutorial to help educators teach health topics to older students with developmental disabilities.

The Making Healthy Choices workbook, specifically designed for students, enhances the health and well-being of learners who are involved in the Health Advocacy Program. It has numerous handouts from the other books in the Program, includes activities to improve student health, helps instruct students to make and achieve personal health goals, and targets parental involvement. Each lesson has fun activities for the classroom and home, a health knowledge question, and a page for jotting down health notes.

The ultimate goal of the Health Advocacy Curriculum is to teach participants how to be their own health advocates. Extensively field tested by the authors in New York City adult service agencies. Download a copy of these published research results under the Research tab.

The Introductory Kit includes a Health Advocacy Manual; Supporting Healthy Lifestyles Guide; the new Making Healthy Choices Workbook for students; a PDF on Win/Mac CD with a Classroom License for printouts; and a staff training DVD.

The Classroom Kit includes 8 Making Healthy Choices student books, plus all other items in the Introductory Kit. Extra student books are also sold separately.

By Steve Holburn, PhD, BCBA; Christine D. Cea, PhD; and Anne Gordon, MS Ed. Two covered spiralbound books, 233 and 89 pages., includes PDF on Win/Mac CD with a Classroom License for printouts, and a staff training DVD, 2008 and 2010. Making Healthy Choices Workbook, spiralbound, 143 pages, 2014.

Health Advocacy Curriculum

Health Advocacy Curriculum
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Health Advocacy Curriculum Classroom Kit
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Making Healthy Choices Student Workbook
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Features and Benefits

  • Includes 20, one-hour lessons with teacher scripts for discussions, activities, and student worksheets
  • Curriculum describes what to do to stay healthy and characteristics of an unhealthy lifestyle
  • Topics include healthy eating, exercise, relationships, sexuality, stress, and medical issues