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HELP BOOK SET 1-5 | Special Education


  • Publisher: Pro-Ed Inc
  • Grade Level: All
  • Item #: 31605

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Thousands of SLPs use these books to help their clients develop the language skills needed for independence. Ready-to-use lessons target a variety of language processes that build language complexity and flexibility.

TheHELPHandbook of Exercises for Language Processingbooks are widely-recognized for their:

  • high quality, timeless content
  • appeal to a broad age-range
  • application to a wide scope of developmental and acquired language disorders
  • goal-driven activities
  • gradual increase in complexity within and between activities

Each book targets four areas of language processing:

  • HELP 1
    • discriminate auditory differences at sound, word, and sentence levels
    • process and comprehend a variety of verbal information
    • manipulate language and apply language-based concepts to new situations
    • recall progressively longer units of auditory information
  • HELP 2
    • use associations and categories to recall words
    • discriminate question types
    • answer questions
    • use correct grammar
  • HELP 3
    • use concepts to describe, compare, and reason
    • paraphrase sentences, common sayings, and paragraphs
    • use language to identify and solve problems
    • match expressive language to the social situation
  • HELP 4
    • define and describe objects in a variety of ways
    • manipulate written sentences and write short paragraphs
    • talk about elements of language
    • understand humor, idioms, exaggerations, and other word plays
  • HELP 5
    • receive, organize, and relay information
    • compare and contrast to develop conceptual frameworks
    • use the language of measurements, quantity concepts, and time
    • identify and express needs, opinions, and feelings

5-book set each book 181 pages 1987