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Hero Academy Leveled Reader Set 1 Bookroom Pack Grade PK-K Cat Chase

Hero Academy Leveled Reader Set 1 Bookroom Pack Grade PK-K Cat Chase | Language Arts / Reading


Hero Academy Grades PreK-4

Integrate literacy, social-emotional learning, and engaging activities with new leveled reader series

In this irresistible new series for PreK-4, seven inspiring student-superheroes face challenges presented by eight unforgettable villains. As the heroic students progress through adventurous plots, they model SEL qualities that help your students develop important social-emotional skills.

Hero Academy helps students build comprehension, vocabulary, fluency, and other key literacy skills essential for meeting today's rigorous standards.  Hero Academy Brochure

  • Increase students' desire to keep reading with engaging themes and topics
  • Foster curiosity, analysis, and synthesis
  • Make real-world connections
  • Encourage use of writing and speaking to express high depth-of-knowledge levels
  • Boost close-reading activities

78 Thrilling Stories - Action-packed fiction

Inspire students while building literacy and SEL skills with 78 thrilling stories at 13 distinct levels.

Rich social-emotional learning

Empower students with exciting adventures that teach them to believe in themselves and act on their potential.

Rigorous instruction

comprehension, vocabulary, and fluency while engaging students at high
depth-of-knowledge levels with take-and-teach lesson plans.

Hero Academy Leveled Reader Set 1 Bookroom Pack Grade PK-K Cat Chase

Leveled Reader Set 1 Bookroom Pack
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  • Grade: Pre-K-Kindergarten
  • Material Type: Student Materials, Resource Materials
  • Format: Kit
  • ISBN-13/EAN: 9780358098836
  • ISBN-10: 0358098831
  • Product Code: 1748217
  • National/State: National
  • Copyright Year: 2019
  • Language: English
9780358087625 / Hero Academy Leveled Reader Set 1 Cat Chase
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