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High School Readers

High School Readers | Special Education


A set of age-appropriate books for secondary students to discuss and think critically

The New Kid Graphic Novels (a set of four sequenced comic books) follows Donnie Robertís not so smooth transfer to a new high school his junior year. The edgy story line explores contemporary social issues, like drinking and driving, sexual behavior, and bullying.

The three Making Choices (available separately as eBooks only) multicultural novellas show how life choices have long term effects. Each novella has multiple endings based upon the choices made by the protagonist.

The Connections and Reflections book presents 12 short essays that are personal, thought provoking, yet accessible to a struggling reader. Each essay begins with a thematic photo and ends with discussion questions

High School Readers

High School Readers
Price: $27.00   SRP: $29.00

Features and Benefits

  • Provides thought-provoking stories about making tough choices and considering perspectives
  • Includes: New Kid Graphic Novels, Making Choices eBook, and Connections and Reflections