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Kidspiration Maps

Kidspiration Maps | Early Learning

Kidspiration Maps

  • Publisher: Inspiration
  • Grade Level: K-5
  • Platform: Mac / Win
  • Item #: INS035M

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Colorful and constructive: with Kidspiration Maps, students create visual maps that build reading, writing and thinking skills.

Features & Benefits

Build strong reading, writing and thinking skills with Kidspiration Maps for iPad®.

  • Use the bright, colorful activities to get students creating and learning on the iPad.
  • Students show what they are thinking by building and organizing diagrams
  • Built-in symbol library supports creativity and comprehension

  • Ideal for prewriting: everything created in Diagram View can be viewed as text in Writing View.

  • In Writing View, students can add full sentences to expand on their ideas.

  • Topics in Writing View can be rearranged and re-prioritized by simply dragging and dropping.
  • SuperGroupers® enable students to sort and classify symbols and information

  • Working with SuperGroupers, students reinforce relationships between concepts through visual and kinesthetic means.

  • Use the built-in SuperGrouper activities, or easily build your own.