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MacDraft Personal Edition Starter Bundle

MacDraft Personal Edition Starter Bundle | Product Repository

MacDraft Personal Edition Starter Bundle

This pack includes over 20% saving on the combined price

MacDraftPE Starder Bundle Single Computer
Price: $159.00


Why choose MacDraft Personal Edition Starter Bundle?

you’re looking to purchase MacDraft Personal Edition for the first time
or an existing customer, the MacDraft PE Starter Bundle is a great
place to begin with your floor plan layout and vector drawing needs.
Check out the list of benefits below, to see why you should choose the
MacDraft PE Starter Bundle.

What’s Included?

  • MacDraft PE App

  • ▼4 Add-On Symbol Libraries

    ✓ Home plan Graphics Library

    ✓ Electronic Symbol Library 2

    ✓ Seasonal Graphics Library

    ✓ Safety Signs Library Pack

  • ▼5 Premium Templates + Basic

    ✓ Floor Plan Drawing

    ✓ Green Eleg Business Card

    ✓ Color Block Calendar

    ✓ Mechanical Cutaway

    ✓ Garden Plan Drawing

  • ▼Free Help & Support

    ✓ Live Chat

    ✓ Online & Phone Support

    ✓ Community Forum

  • Single MacDraft PE License

Features & Benefits

A fully scaled environment

MacDraft PE offers it's users maximum control over
their drawing setup, you can select from English or Metric units and
work at your desired scale.

A dimension tool for every occasion

Whether you need horizontal, vertical, diagonal,
angular, perpendicular, radial or diameter dimensions, MacDraft PE's
dimension palette is always on hand to provide them.

Pinpoint accurate object control

The Resize palette displays the
size of an object, text, or
picture. When you select an
item, its unique measurement
parameters are displayed. Using
the keyboard, you can quickly
and precisely edit any of the
item's measurements to a new
absolute value, or a new value
relative to its current size; the
item is resized instantly. The
Resize palette can also be used
to move objects or vertices to
new absolute or relative positions.

Image Imports and Exports

MacDraft PE allows you to import images in the form
of PICT, TIFF, GIF, JPEG and BMP. You can also export drawings as PDF,
BMP, JPEG, PSD, PICT, PNG and TIFF, or any other Quicktime supported
format for that matter.

MacDraft PE is based on our MacDraft Pro software and the differences between the two are as follows:

System Requirements

OSX El Capitan

for Mac OSX and now compatible with the all-new OSX 10.11 El Capitan.
OSX El Capitan compatibility brings a whole host of speed and efficiency
to your software, making your MacDraft experience more enjoyable. OSX
El Capitan not only provides a more confident and powerful OSX, it also
gives a brand new elegant design, that feels familiar, enhancing your
applications and giving you a welcome boost.