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Presidential Decisions

Presidential Decisions | CW Publications

Presidential Decisions

  • Publisher: CW Publications
  • Grade Level: 9-Adult
  • Platform: Mac / Win
  • Item #: I2330S
Price: $74.95   SRP: $79.00
5 Computer
Price: $159.95   SRP: $169.00
Building License
Price: $329.95   SRP: $349.00


Presidential Decisions © 2005

In this history simulation, your students will evaluate the decisions
made by two fictional administrations as your students try to create the
historic buildings and monuments in Washington DC—the symbol of
American Democracy.

System Requirements

Windows Vista/Windows 7

1 GHz 32 BIT (x86) or 64 BIT (x64) processor

1 GB of system memory

DirectX 9 graphics support

Older Windows Systems *

Windows 98, Pentium II, 64MB

Windows 2000, Pentium III, 128MB

Windows XP, Pentium III, 128MB

*Any software with a copyright of 2012 or newer requires Windows XP or higher.

Mac OS X *

Power Macintosh G3 processor or higher

128 MB RAM or higher

Classic Mac OS *

Power Macintosh G3 processor or higher

64 MB RAM or higher
*Any software with a copyright of 2012 or newer will not run on OS 9 or on the Power Mac platform.