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Clicker Connect for Chromebooks

Clicker Connect for Chromebooks | Special Education

Clicker Connect for Chromebooks

  • Publisher: Crick Software
  • Grade Level: PreK-7
  • Platform: Mac / Win
  • Item #: CRK410SL
Building Site License 1 Year
Price: $500.00



Clicker Connect for Chromebook

Clicker Connect App Icon

01 Independent writing

Enable developing writers, struggling writers,
and English language learners to take their first steps toward
independent writing.

A perfect ‘next step’ for Clicker Sentences users, Clicker
Connect provides students with clusters of words, phrases, and/or
pictures to help them build a coherent piece of text.

with the classroom in mind, Clicker Connect includes the Sassoon font,
speech feedback, and many other child-friendly features to create an
accessible and engaging environment for students to work in.

"The app is a triumph because it is based on a
simple idea that scaffolds independent writing kick-starts
the writing process, helps children to be creative, and gives them a
clear sense of achievement."

Teach Primary magazine

Develop independent writing skills

02 Develop independent writing skills

Students choose from
clusters of words, phrases, and pictures to produce their own writing.
As each sentence is completed, it is spoken aloud, helping learners to
review and correct what they have written.

Children can
right-click to listen to any of the words and phrases in the grid before
using them, providing an opportunity to rehearse their sentences before
writing them.

Enhance understanding with pictures

03 Add pictures to writing

additional support, add a picture to any cell in your grid - over 3,500
searchable curriculum pictures are included, and you can use your own
images or snap them straight in with the Chromebook camera. As children
write, each picture goes into the document too, helping them to read
back what they have written.

Personalized support for every student

It’s quick and easy to set up a sequence of
grids for your students, arranging words and phrases into clusters as you
go. Clicker Connect provides an extensive range of additional support
options to suit students of all abilities:

  • Color-code words or phrases to emphasize sentence structure
  • Use Guided Order to ensure students work from left to right
  • Enlarge cells for extra clarity

04A Personalised support

Hundreds of free resources at your fingertips

05 Free resources

No time to make your
own? A professionally made, ever expanding bank of free learning
resources is just a click away. Select ‘LearningGrids’ to access a wide
range of ready-made Connect Sets created by our curriculum team – new
resources are added regularly.

Easy set up

06 Share resources and work

Chrome Apps work with Google Drive, and work both online and offline.
Whether you're working in a school, school district, support
organization, or you're an individual user, the apps are easy to license
and manage using your standard Google tools.

Accessible for all

make access easier for those with physical challenges, the unique
SuperKeys option groups the letter keys into clusters, creating just six
large areas to target. Just select the cluster containing the letter
you want, and then select the letter in the enlarged cluster. The
Predictor/spell checker has four size options as well, to make words
easy to select.

07A Accessible for all

07B Accessible for all

Access Clicker anytime, anywhere

Schools are using a real mix of technologies these days – investing in both Clicker 7
and Clicker Connect enables you to provide a consistent level of
literacy support across your devices. We have also ensured that Clicker
Connect and Clicker 7 are fully file compatible. This gives you the
flexibility to create Connect Sets on a computer using Clicker 7 and use
them on your Chromebooks, and to open your students' Clicker Connect
work in Clicker 7.

08A Access anywhere

08B Access anywhere

System Requirements


  • Chrome OS 53 or later
  • We recommend that Google Drive is enabled, so that you can save and open files