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Clicker Docs for Chromebooks

Clicker Docs for Chromebooks | Special Education

Clicker Docs for Chromebooks

  • Publisher: Crick Software
  • Grade Level: PreK-7
  • Platform: Mac / Win
  • Item #: CRK420SL
Building Site License 1 Year
Price: $500.00



Clicker Docs for Chromebook

Clicker Docs App Icon

01 Writing success

Clicker Docs helps students of all abilities to
achieve writing success. It is particularly useful for learners with
dyslexia and struggling spellers.

Watch your students’ skills and confidence grow as they use
the range of writing support tools available to create accurate, flowing
documents. Designed with the classroom in mind, Clicker Docs includes
the Sassoon font, word prediction, and many other child-friendly
features to create an accessible and engaging environment for students
to work in.

"Rachel and Johnny find writing with a pencil
and paper an extremely difficult process... what’s great about Clicker
Docs is that not only does it help to develop the children’s literacy
skills, but also their confidence, because they are able to write with a
degree of independence."

Helene Bligh, Inclusion Specialist, Riverhead Infants’ School

Review writing with clear speech

02 Review writing

When students
punctuate a sentence in Clicker Docs, their work is read back to them in
a realistic-sounding voice. This helps them to find and correct errors
for themselves so that they become more independent writers.

Increase writing productivity with word prediction

03 Increase writing productivity

Clicker Docs Predictor suggests age-appropriate vocabulary based on the
context of students’ writing. The Predictor encourages students to use
more adventurous vocabulary, consistently reinforces the correct
spellings of the words they wish to write, and really helps to speed up
the writing productivity of children who struggle to transfer their
ideas to the page.

Provide writing support with Word Banks

04 Subject-specific writing support

Word Banks provide
tabbed vocabulary support for any subject or topic. Children simply
left-click on a word to add it to their document. As with the document
and the Predictor, Word Banks are completely speech supported –
right-click to listen to a word before using it. It’s so easy for
teachers to create a Word Bank in Clicker Docs, organized with either
alphabetical tabs or topic tabs.

Hundreds of free resources at your fingertips

05 Free learning resources

time to make your own? A professionally made, ever expanding bank of
free learning resources is just a click away. Select ‘LearningGrids’ to
access a wide range of topic-specific Word Banks created by our
curriculum team – new resources are added regularly.

Personalized support for every student

06 Personalised support

Change how the app
looks and acts to meet each child’s learning needs. Available options
include changing the speed and frequency at which Clicker Docs speaks,
customizing the word prediction level, and using high contrast color

Easy set up

07 Share resources

Chrome Apps work with Google Drive, and work both online and offline.
Whether you're a school, school district, support service, or an
individual user, the apps are easy to license and manage using your
standard Google tools.

Accessible for all

make access easier for those with physical challenges, the unique
SuperKeys option groups the letter keys into clusters, creating just six
large areas to target. Just select the cluster containing the letter
you want, and then select the letter in the enlarged cluster. The
Predictor/spell checker has four size options as well, to make words
easy to select.

08A Accessible for all

08B Accessible for all

Access Clicker anytime, anywhere

Schools are using a real mix of technologies these days – investing in both Clicker 7
and Clicker Docs enables you to provide a consistent level of literacy
support across your devices. We have also ensured that Clicker Docs and
Clicker 7 are fully file compatible. This gives you the flexibility to
create Word Banks on a computer using Clicker 7 and use them on your
Chromebooks, and to open your students' Clicker Docs work in Clicker 7.

08A Access anywhere

08B Access anywhere

System Requirements


  • Chrome OS 53 or later
  • We recommend that Google Drive is enabled, so that you can save and open files