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Multiple Word Meanings

Multiple Word Meanings | Special Education

Multiple Word Meanings

  • Publisher: Pro-Ed Inc
  • Grade Level: All
  • Item #: 9337

Price: $83.00   SRP: $83.00


Multiple Word Meanings is for use by students in elementary
grades and above who have limited understanding of words, printed and
spoken, that have more than one meaning (e.g., stalk, brush) This
program is a revision of two popular series, Many Meanings and Multiple Meanings. Now combined into one comprehensive program, Multiple Word Meanings
is designed for ease of use while retaining the salient aspects of the
incorporated materials. Its restructuring provides the special learner
with a seamless transition from less complex language structures to the
difficult challenges of language development, especially semantics and
syntax. The language structures found in Multiple Word Meanings closely parallel those used in Stephen Quigley's hugely popular Reading Milestones
(also sold by PRO-ED, Inc.). Objectives and standards are provided for
teachers to individualize their evaluations for each student's needs. In
this way, Multiple Word Meanings allows for a great deal of flexibility in both the delivery of instruction and its viability.

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