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Basic Writing Series 2

Basic Writing Series 2 | Special Education

Basic Writing Series 2

  • Publisher: Pro-Ed Inc
  • Grade Level: All
  • Item #: 20139

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Reading Level 1 - 3 Interest Level 1 - 10

Basic Writing Series teaches the writing process through simple, sequential steps. Activities progress in difficulty from the first book to the third. The series begins with writing letters and words, moves to writing one and then two paragraphs, and finally leads to writing several paragraphs in a specific format.Basic Writing Seriesfeatures various writing prompts to motivate beginning and struggling writers. Students learn to organize their thoughts and understand the writing process while building writing confidence.


In six units, each level teaches students to write using the “Think, Organize, Write” method, which incorporates the use of graphic organizers. This method helps students organize and visualize their writing, encouraging successful writing habits. The editing process is taught as an integral part of the program and emphasized through lessons and checklists.

Basic Writing Series 2 units begin with an idea inventory so students can reference words or phrases to help with brainstorming. The units continue with a review of one-paragraph writing and then progress to writing two paragraphs about general topics. In final practice activities, students learn to put their own ideas together and use descriptive words to make their writing more interesting.


Progress charts, scoring rubrics, and student writing checklists are provided to help the teacher assess students’ progress and determine which skills need to be reviewed.

Each Basic Writing Series Book Includes:over 150 reproducible Activities, Teacher Instruction Pages, Assessments, a Parent or Guardian Letter, Templates for Activities, and Games.

201 pages • 8.5 x 11, softcover • ©2004

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