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How I Started My Career Video Series

How I Started My Career Video Series | Business Education


When Alex graduated from high school, he had two goals. He wanted to get a good paying job as quickly as possible so he could be on his own and he wanted to work in a green industry. This is the story of how Alex reached his goals.

In this two-part, interactive video program, your students will accompany Alex as he searches for his first full-time job and faces the challenges of the first six months at Zephyr Industries, a wind technology company.

Throughout the program, you'll have the opportunity to pause the video and discuss with your students critical decisions Alex has to make before they see what actually happens. As they share in his successes and failures, they’ll learn valuable real-life lessons that will teach them job search skills and help them reach their own career goals.

How I Started My Career Video Series

  • Publisher: CW Publications
  • Grade Level: 9-Adult
  • Platform: DVD
  • Item #: I8030D
Volume I
Price: $97.00   SRP: $99.00
Volume II
Price: $97.00   SRP: $99.00
Volume I & II Bundle
Price: $167.00   SRP: $169.00

Features & Benefits

Part I focuses on Alex’s job search and the start of his first full-time job at Zephyr Industries. Length: 25 minutes

Part II of the program focuses on Alex’s first six months on the job and the work-related problems he and his coworkers must resolve at Zephyr. Length: 20 minutes

System Requirements

Video - DVD