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ideamapper 4kids Multi-User Subscription License

ideamapper 4kids Multi-User Subscription License | Critical Thinking

ideamapper 4kids Multi-User Subscription License

  • Publisher: ideamapper
  • Grade Level: K-4
  • Item #: SS2IKUU/P/1
2-19 Users Each (12M Subscription)
Price: $24.00   SRP: $25.00
20-49 Users Each (12M Subscription)
Price: $22.75   SRP: $23.75
50-99 Users Each (12M Subscription)
Price: $21.50   SRP: $22.50
100-499 Users Each (12M Subscription)
Price: $20.25   SRP: $21.25
500-999 Users Each (12M Subscription)
Price: $19.00   SRP: $20.00
1000+ Users Each (12M Subscription)
Price: $17.75   SRP: $18.75


ideamapper4kids (Kindergarten—Grade 4)

Utilizing the proven method of visual learning , ideamapper4kids enables younger students to develop new skills. For example broadening vocabulary, making visual connections and deepening comprehension on subject matter.

ideamapper4kids works because it has been designed to complement the way students think and express themselves, regardless of learning style.

As such, students of all abilities can use ideamapper4kids with confidence at all times.

Features & Benefits

ideamapper4kids helps students:

  • Broaden vocabulary
  • Develop critical thinking skills
  • Improve reading and writing
  • Understand the connections/links between things
  • Enhance understanding and comprehension
  • Unique split-screen view to help children tell stories with pictures and words
  • Super 3D view to help understand relationships and connections
  • 1000’s of clipart pictures to help children illustrate and express their ideas


System Requirements

Compatible with Windows, MacOS and Linux

License Type: Multi-User Subscription License

This license type enables a number of users to activate the software on up to twice as many computers as the license specifies for the duration specified in the license. The first activation of that license starts the subscription period for the entire license.

Example: If the license specifies a 5-user 36 month license and you activate the software for the first time on January 20, 2020 - then you may activate the software on up to 10 computers and use the software until February 2023.