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inFact Guided Reading Library Set 3

inFact Guided Reading Library Set 3 | Language Arts / Reading


Include, Instruct, Inspire with New Nonfiction Leveled Reader Series

  • inFact’s nonfiction informational texts for Grades K–5 will encourage students to read closely, find evidence, and boost comprehension skills to propel success on high-stakes standardized tests.
  • Awe-inspiring artwork is paired with a diverse range of science and social studies topics to captivate students’ interest and keep them engaged.
  • Precise leveling across 91 titles ensures just the right book for every student!

Motivating students to read nonfiction requires capturing their attention and sparking their sense of wonder. Awe-inspiring artwork and photography, paired with strategic text placement, help draw students into a wide range of cross-curricular topics.

inFact’s leveled readers for Grades K–5 provide nonfiction informational texts that encourage students to read closely and find evidence while boosting their comprehension skills to propel them to success on high-stakes standardized tests.

With precise leveling across 91 titles, inFact ensures just the right book for every student.

Intrigue. . .inform. . .involve. . .inspire. . .inFact!

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Captivate students with a wide variety of topics

  • Inspire students to make a difference. Spotlight real-life heroes like Nelson Mandela, Maggie Aderin-Pocock, or Charles Darwin.
  • Inform students on how the natural world works, where humans fit in the food chain, how weather affects ecosystems, or how farmers grow the food we eat.
  • Invoke students’ curiosity about STEM, earth science, and space. inFact makes tough concepts fun and easy to grasp.
  • Involve students’ imaginations, sparking their creativity with connections to art, fashion, performing arts, and cuisine.

inFact Guided Reading Library Set 3

inFact Guided Reading Library Set 3
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HMH inFact Guided Reading Set 3 Grade 1 Levels D-F

  • Grade: 1
  • Material Type: Student Materials, Resource Materials
  • Format: Non Mixed Kits
  • ISBN-13/EAN: 9780358322375
  • ISBN-10: 0358322375
  • Product Code: 1779363
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  • Copyright Year: 2020