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These fun card games develop fundamental skills in making inferences. Students use limited information to complete their understanding of situations and content.

Inference Card Gamesis made up of six decks of playing cards. Each deck contains 26 pairs of complete inference riddles. One card in the pair represents a name or location and the other card provides a statement clue.

There are three decks ofWho?cards, which consist of occupations/people. The threeWhere?decks contain locations that the student infers based on the statements provided. Directions for four card games are included. The six decks are divided by skill area and difficulty level:

Who? Grades 1-2 "Open wide and relax. I'll take a look at that sore tooth." Who am I? dentist

Who? Grades 3-4 "I love being in stage plays. Some day I'd like to star in a movie."Who am I? actor or actress

Who? Grades 5-6 "My latest book is a children's story. It will be published next month."Who am I? author

Where? Grades 1-2 "First I grab a tray. Then I get in either the hot or cold food line."Where am I? cafeteria

Where? Grades 3-4 "There are so many exhibits to see. Let's find out where the dinosaur skeletons are."Where am I? museum

Where" Grades 5-6 "Wow, it was a tough climb, but we finally made it to the top. Look at this view!"Where am I? mountain

COMPLETE KIT INCLUDES:6 card decks (52 cards per deck), instructions, vinyl bag.



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