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iOgrapher Broadcast Journalism Bundle 1

iOgrapher Broadcast Journalism Bundle 1 | Product Repository

iOgrapher Broadcast Journalism Bundle 1

  • Publisher: iOgrapher
  • Grade Level: All Ages
  • Platform: iPad
  • Item #: 112757
for iPad Air 1/2
Price: $479.95   SRP: $487.96
for iPad Pro 9.7/5th Gen 9.7
Price: $479.95   SRP: $487.96
for iPad Mini 2/3
Price: $479.95   SRP: $487.96
for iPad Mini 4
Price: $479.95   SRP: $487.96
for iPad Full Size 2/3/4
Price: $479.95   SRP: $487.96


iOgrapher was invented to empower users to create better video with
their iPhones and iPads. By adding microphones, lenses, lighting, and
tripods to our cases, users have to power to create professional looking
video content for marketing, education, sports, journalism, and much

An easy fix is to zoom in very slightly until the edges disappear. To
zoom, just use your thumb and index finger and pull them apart on the
screen until the edges disappear. Some apps such as Filmic Pro, our
recommended video app, have zoom controls built into to user interface.

Features & Benefits

The Broadcast Journalism 1 Bundle comes with: iOgrapher Case, Telephoto
2x Lens, Wide Angle Lens, Tripod, iXLR, and Reporter.

System Requirements

compatible with  

iPad Air 1/2
iPad Pro 9.7/5th Gen 9.7
iPad Mini 2/3
iPad Mini 4
iPad 2/3/4