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iRespond Lite - Student Clicker

iRespond Lite - Student Clicker | Interactive Response Systems

iRespond Lite - Student Clicker

  • Publisher: iRespond
  • Grade Level: All
  • Item #: L-24
24 Pack
Price: $829.00   SRP: $831.00
30 Pack
Price: $924.00   SRP: $951.00
32 Pack
Price: $979.00   SRP: $991.00
40 Pack
Price: $1,129.00   SRP: $1,151.00
Base & Software only
Price: $339.00   SRP: $377.00
Lite Remote only
Price: $36.00   SRP: $37.00
Lite Case only
Price: $43.00   SRP: $48.00


The iRespond Lite personal response system is a cost-effective way for any instructor to instantly become more productive. Combined with iRespond's proprietary Teacher's Dashboard software, you may take attendance, collect homework, track formative assessment, lecture, give timed tests, interact with every student, reduce the drudgery of grading, produce meaningful state standards reports, and much more.

The iRespond Lite is a wonderful addition to any classroom from kindergarten to graduate school.

Packs include Base, Remotes, Software, and Carrying Case.

Features & Benefits

Reasons to Choose iRespond Lite:

  • Fully interfaced with PowerPoint
  • Create a quick answer key for instant testing
  • Use the "first responder" feature to foster classroom excitement and competition
  • Supports paper-based, oral and projected tests
  • Allows you to assess individual students, teams, or the entire class
  • Independent operation for homework and field trips
  • Unique PIN login allows students to use any remote
  • Flag questions for review
  • Radio Frequency two-way interactive communication
  • Runs on AA batteries
  • Pricing includes everything you need
  • Multiple state standards based reports available to print or e-mail
  • Create study guide for students
  • Add audio/video and Web links to presentations

System Requirements

Packs include Base, Remotes, Software, and Carrying Case.