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Job Coaching Strategies

Job Coaching Strategies | Special Education


A goal-oriented resource for supporting professionals of people with disabilities in the workplace

The Job Coaching Strategies: A Handbook for Supported Employment features real-life examples to illustrate techniques and strategies and provides useful forms like functional assessments and work site analysis.

The Job Coaching Strategies DVD focuses on the successful supportive employment of Nick, a young man with multiple disabilities. Interviews with his parents, job coach and employer reinforce concepts discussed in the manual. It also features a step-by-step assessment interview with an expert explanation of each topic by Janet Estervig.

Author Steve Tenpas has fifteen years experience teaching job coaches.

Spiralbound book, 122 pages, includes printable PDF on a Win/Mac CD, 2002; DVD, 60 minutes, CC, 2002.

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Job Coaching Strategies

Job Coaching Strategies
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Job Coaching Strategies DVD
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Job Coaching Strategies Book and DVD
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Features and Benefits

  • Provides basic principles and strategies for job coaching
  • Follows the chronology of a successful job placement
  • Features real-life examples while following Nick, a 23-year old, at work