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LANGUAGE CARD GAMES | Special Education


  • Publisher: Pro-Ed Inc
  • Grade Level: All
  • Item #: 37505

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Practice and apply knowledge of antonyms, synonyms, multiple-meaning words, and idioms with motivating card games.

Language Card Gamesis made up of four decks of playing cards. Each deck contains 26 stimulus-pairs and 2 jokers. Students learn the target skills by matching hearts to diamonds (red to red) and spades to clubs (black to black). For example, if a synonym pair has the number 9 on both cards, it is a correct match only if the cards are the 9 of hearts and the 9 of diamonds or the 9 of clubs and the 9 of spades. Students can self-check to reinforce learning and still be engaged in a game-playing context.

Directions are included for four games: Make a Match (played like Go Fish), Concentration, Face-Off (played liked War), and Go Together. The decks can be combined as students become more proficient, giving the opportunity to work on multiple skills in one game. A pretest/posttest is included for each of the skill areas.

The words and phrases in each deck are arranged from easy to hard; the higher the card number, the harder the level. The four card decks with examples of their stimuli are:

  • Idioms
    • Beginning Level:You're putting me on/ You are kidding
    • Higher Level:Keep an eye on things/ Watch to make sure nothing happens
  • Synonyms
    • Beginning Level:noisy/loud, home/house
    • Higher Level:anxious/worried, confess/admit
  • Antonyms
    • Beginning Level:daughter/son, remember/forget
    • Higher Level:strong/weak, liquid/solid
  • Multiple-Meaning Words
    • Beginning Level:exama test; a careful check of someone's health by a doctor
    • Higher Level:bluff: a high, steep cliff; to try to fool people deliberately

COMPLETE KIT INCLUDES:4 card decks (26 matched pairs and 2 jokers per deck), pretests/posttests, instructions, vinyl bag.