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Learn to Code Curriculum Pack

Learn to Code Curriculum Pack | Wonder Workshop


pack was designed to give educators everything needed to get their
students started with our award-winning Dash and Dot Robots. This pack
teaches you how to use Dash and Dot, how to implement our Learn to Code
curriculum, provides project-based assessment strategies, and
cross-curricular extensions.

Our Learn to Code Curriculum
follows a scope and sequence aligned to’s Computer Science
Fundamental series and covers the six fundamental coding concepts:
sequences, loops, events, conditionals, functions, and variables across
six coding levels. This pack includes:

  • 1 Spiral-Bound Curriculum Guide (ISBN 978-0-9989850-1-5)
  • 1 Learn to Code Challenge Cards - Starter Pack (ISBN 978-0-9989850-0-8)
  • 1 One-year subscription to our online Code to Learn Lesson Library

Learn to Code Curriculum Pack

  • Publisher: Wonder Workshop
  • Grade Level: K-5
  • Platform: All
  • Item #: 1-CR04-11
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