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MacDraft Pro

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MacDraft Pro

Single Teacher/Student
Price: $279.20
5 computer license Teacher/Student
Price: $1,134.25
10 computer license Teacher/Student
Price: $1,745.00
20 computer license Teacher/Student
Price: $3,141.00
30 computer Licenses Teacher/Student
Price: $4,711.50
30 Classroom Computers
Price: $1,256.40
35 Classroom Computers
Price: $1,465.80
40 Classroom Computers
Price: $1,675.20


MacDraft Professional,
powerful 2D CAD, drafting, technical illustration, architectural drawing
and more in one easy-to-use, CAD software package.

The right tools for the job whatever it may be

The Tool palette offers a full complement of
drawing tools including lines, rectangles,
circles, arcs, polygons, curves, parallel line
and freehand tools.

Parallel line and polygon
tools make it easy to create exterior walls.
Add interior walls with a mouse click using
the parallel extrude tool. Some tools can be
configured from the Tool Palette to provide
several drawing options. For example, arcs
can be drawn by their radius, any 3 points, or
as an elliptical arc.

There are also special
tools to create lines tangent, perpendicular,
and parallel to edges. Alternatively, lines can
automatically be drawn from the center of an object, as
well as from the middle or end points of a line or edge
of an object.

Features & Benefits

A fully scaled and layered environment

MacDraft offers it's users maximum control over their
drawing setup, you can select from English or Metric units and work at
your desired scale. Layers give you the ability to organize your
drawings so that you have the power to hide or gray whole sections of
your work, so for example you could have your floorplan on one layer
and your electrical schematics on another, then you can choose to hide
them or show them as required. Your layers can even have different
scales in the same drawing!

A dimension tool for every occasion

Whether you need horizontal, vertical, diagonal,
angular, perpendicular, radial or diameter dimensions, MacDraft's
dimension palette is always on hand to provide them. With linked
dimensioning to automatically update
dimensions as you modify components. Dimension formats
provide text position, tolerances, round off,
witness lines, arrow position, and much more. You can also create
linear dimensions in single,
chained or baseline modes.

Pinpoint accurate object control

The Resize palette displays the
size of an object, text, or
picture. When you select an
item, its unique measurement
parameters are displayed. Using
the keyboard, you can quickly
and precisely edit any of the
item's measurements to a new
absolute value, or a new value
relative to its current size; the
item is resized instantly. The
Resize palette can also be used
to move objects or vertices to
new absolute or relative positions.

Image Imports and Exports

MacDraft allows you to import images in the form of
PICT, TIFF, GIF, JPEG and BMP. You can also export drawings as PDF, BMP,
JPEG, PSD, PICT, PNG and TIFF, or any other Quicktime supported format
for that matter.

My clients use AutoCAD on a PC can I open their files?

MacDraft Pro offers excellent compatibility with
AutoCAD and other programs supporting the DWG/DXF file formats. During
opening of these files the user can choose the layout that will be
opened from a list of available layouts or open the entire Model. The
scale and units can also be chosen or MacDraft can do it automatically
if you are unsure.

System Requirements

Operating System: Macintosh OS X 10.6 or higher
Mac Type: Power Mac G5 or Intel-based Mac

Memory (RAM): 1024 MB

Free hard disk space: 350 MB

Minimum Screen Resolution: 1024 x 768