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Better STEAM Education

Enriching STEAM class

Makeblock have designed a
series of courses and cases related to construction, programming,
handcraft, and experiment. In this way, studentsí logical thinking,
creativity, and problem solving skills are promoted.

Construct ideas into reality

structure products of the Makeblock can maximize studentsí interests to
engage in the physical world and be creative, Improve studentsí
hands-on skill, and get motivated.

Lower the entry threshold of creation and invention

Children can do all kinds
of fun experiments by combining Makeblock products with others that can
be found in daily life. Therefore, more imagination and creative
possibilities are available for students to innovate and create.

Integrated rich programming environment

mBlock is an integrated
educator software that is designed for education. Using Scratch, Arduino
C++ and Python that all integrated in mblock, students can create
programs to control the robots, and to make communication between robots
and computer. Children therefore can start programming with relative

Learning through competition, win glory

MakeX Robotics Competition can greatly improve studentsí abilities in knowledge integration and group cooperation.