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Makeblock Neuron Artist Kit

Makeblock Neuron Artist Kit | Product Repository

Makeblock Neuron Artist Kit

Neuron Artist Kit
Price: $142.49   SRP: $149.99


The Neuron Artist Kit is a team of programmable electronic blocks
designed to help children develop skills of arts and coding through
playing. The kit includes 8 electronic blocks (sound sensor, led strip,
ranging sensor and more) and 6 paper cut-outs packs. With these
materials, children can easily make themselves fun stuffs, like a
Ukulele, a Marimba, a glowing watch, an LED sword and a drum.

Features & Benefits

Lightning-fast magnetic connectors give free rein to creativity

The Neuron blocks can all be linked
together using magnetic Pogo pin[1] connectors. This patented interface
ensures that links are safe and fast. It also prevents modules from
being connected the wrong way. Children can link different blocks in an
instant. They can even match Neuron with other everyday stuffs to create
voice-activated lights, remote-controlled model cars that steer clear
of obstacles and loads of other fun and interesting gadgets.

System Requirements



Product properties

Programmable electronic building block platform

Programmable Modules

Energy & Communication Blocks: Power, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Wireless Transmitter, Wireless Receiver

Input Blocks: Joystick, Button, Knob, Funny Touch,
Light Sensor, Color Sensor, Gyro Sensor, Humiture Sensor, Sound Sensor,
PIR Sensor, Camera, Temperature Sensor, Soil Moisture Sensor, Dual IR
Detector, Ultrasonic Sensor

Output Blocks: RGB LED, Buzzer, Display, Mic&Speaker, LED Panel, EL Wire Driver, LED Strip Driver, Dual Servo Driver, Dual DC Motor Driver




Compatible with Codey Rocky, Makeblock DIY Platform and Lego bricks

Power Supply

950mAh Lithium Battery


24x24x14mm(LxWxH)(Max): Button, Joystick, Knob,
Dual IR Detector, Color Sensor, Gyro Sensor, PIR Sensor, Light Sensor,
Sound Sensor, Temperature Sensor, Soil Moisture Sensor, Humiture Sensor,
Camera, RGB LED, LED Strip Driver, LED Strip Driver

24x48x14mm (LxWxH)(Max): Bluetooth, Ultrasonic
Sensor, Funny Touch, Display, Dual DC Motor Driver, Dual Servo Driver,
Wireless Transmitter, Wireless Receiver, EL Wire Driver

48x48x14(LxWxH)(Max): Power, Wi-Fi, LED Panel, Mic&Speaker