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Manual of Aphasia and Aphasia Therapy-Third Edition

Manual of Aphasia and Aphasia Therapy-Third Edition | Special Education

Manual of Aphasia and Aphasia Therapy-Third Edition

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The third edition of the popular bookManual of Aphasia and Aphasia Therapyis now available. This comprehensive text covers the assessment and treatment of adult aphasia by speech-language pathologists. It is targeted at clinicians working with people with aphasia in acute and post-acute settings. It focuses on the theoretical and research underpinnings and the practical application of a wide range of treatment approaches.

The book is divided into 2 Sections:

  • Section I. Foundation of Aphasia and Related Disorders
    • Foundations and Descriptions
    • Diagnostic Process
  • Section II. Systematic Speech-Language Pathology Approaches to the Treatment of Aphasia
    • Considerations for Aphasia Treatment
    • Impairment Based Therapies
    • Non-Impairment-Based Therapies

A major revision, theManual of Aphasia and Aphasia Therapy, Third Editionincludes 10 new chapters with a significant amount of new, up-to-date information:

  • Aphasia in Special Populations: Neurodegenerative Syndromes
  • Aphasia in Special Populations: Traumatic Brain Injury
  • The Assessment of Aphasia Using a Process Approach
  • Aphasia Recovery & the Myth of the Aphasia Plateau
  • Introduction to Aphasia Therapy
  • Treatment of Aphasic Anomia
  • Treatment of Agrammatism in Aphasia and the Communicative Effectiveness Profile for Measuring Discourse Skills
  • Treatment of Reading Disorders in Aphasia
  • Living Well with Aphasia in the Community
  • Alternative Approaches to Aphasia Treatment

TheManual of Aphasia and Aphasia Therapy, Third Editionincludes a DVD that contains printable forms, appendices from the text, theTest of Oral and Limb Apraxia, an observation rating form, and clinical materials. Video excerpts demonstrate treatment methods and assessment of individuals with various types of aphasia.

Complete kit includes: 504 pg. 7 x 10 softcover manual with DVD, 2014

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