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Maps Globes Graphs

Maps Globes Graphs | Social Studies

Maps Globes Graphs

  • Publisher: Steck-Vaughn
  • Grade Level: 1-6
  • Platform: Book
  • Item #: 9780739891018
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Maps Globes Graphs

Complements basal instruction with practice, enrichment, and extension

Revised series instruction with practice, enrichment, and extension.

Revised series integrates map and graph skills into the social studies curriculum, suing new content, images, and online resources combined with proven, step-by-step format.

Matches grade-level curriculum
Online resources provide additional student materials and correlations to state standards

Features & Benefits

A six-level program

Grade Level 1:
Families (level A): Maps, four directions, symbols, map keys, globes, atlas

Grade Level 2:
Neighborhoods (Level B): Land and water, maps and map keys, directions, gloves, continents, oceans, boundaries, map labels, atlas

Grade Level 3:
Communities (Level C): Directions, map keys, distance scal, resources, land form and route maps, grids, latitude and longitude, graphs, atlas

Grade Level 4:
States and Regions (Level D):
Directions and legends, intermediate directions, grids, distance and scale, route and relief maps, latitude and longitude, graphs, atlas

Grade Level 5:
United States (Level E): Directions, symbols and legends, scale and distance, physical and special-purpose maps, grids, latitude and longitude, the Earth and the sun, time zones, graphs, atlas

Grade Level 6:
World (Level F): Globes, symbols and directions, scale and distance, route maps, relief and elevation, latitude and longitude, climate maps, combinging and comparing maps, time zones, projections, graphs, atlas