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Mastering English as a Second Language - Spanish Edition (Class-Pack)

Mastering English as a Second Language - Spanish Edition (Class-Pack) | Language Arts / Reading

Mastering English as a Second Language - Spanish Edition (Class-Pack)

Class Pack
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Mastering English as a Second Language - Spanish Edition Curriculum
Mastery® Game is an ideal resource for English language learners!

An engaging means to learn key grammar and vocabulary skills in core curriculum areas, Mastering English as a Second Language is
also the perfect tool for practicing essential conversational skills.

for use either independently or in small groups, each of the 750 review
cards features self-correcting questions written in both English and
Spanish! The cards are colorfully illustrated and printed on durable
heavy stock for years of use. Also includes comprehensive Teacher
Resource Guide with complete instructions included in both English and
Spanish as well as a CD featuring interactive fl ash cards in both

Features 25 sets of 30 colorful, review cards per
topic - a total of 750 standards-based questions! Also includes 12
double-sided, laminated game boards; comprehensive Teacher Guide with
Spanish instructions; CD featuring interactive flash cards in
English/Spanish for use on a computer or interactive whiteboard; and
FREE online subscription to additional questions, interactive games,
flash cards, assessments and more!

Features & Benefits

Covers the following skills

1. Phonemes/Long/Short Vowel Sounds
2. Numbers
3. Beginning & Ending Sounds
4. Consonant Blends & Digraphs
5. Homophones
6. Shapes & Colors
7. Asking & Answering Questions
8. Prepositions
9. Following & Asking Directions
10. Emotions
11. Idioms
12. Time/Calendar
13. Money
14. Words with Multiple Meanings
15. Antonyms & Synonyms
16. Compound Words
17. Singular & Plural Words
18. Rhyming Words
19. My Body & Clothes
20. At School - Objects, People, Directions
21. At Home - Food, People, Objects
22. Around the Neighborhood
23. Math Vocabulary
24. Science Vocabulary
25. Social Studies Vocabulary

System Requirements

Matches national curriculum standards.