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Math For Life Instroductory Kit

Math For Life Instroductory Kit | Special Education

Math For Life Instroductory Kit

Introductory Kit
Price: $87.95   SRP: $89.00
Classroom Kit
Price: $227.95   SRP: $229.00
Student Book
Price: $33.95   SRP: $34.00


Math for Life links life skill themes to six
fundamental concepts, adding relevance and appeal to math instruction
for middle and high school students. Includes a Student Book and
Teacherís Guide.

The Introductory Kit includes one Student Book, one
Teacherís Guide with PDF of Student Book Pages on Win/Mac CD, and a
Classroom License for printouts. The Classroom Kit includes eight Student Books and all the other items in the Introductory Kit. Student Book available separately.

Features & Benefits

The Student Book
incorporates clear illustrations, graphic organizers, and high interest
stories to help students solve math problems. Itís arranged into six
units: Add and Subtract, Multiply and Divide, Measurement, Fractions,
Decimals, and Percent. Each unit follows a consistent format: Concept
Review, Story-based Lesson, and Practice Exercises.

The Teacherís Guide features completed pages from the Student Book with discussion points and teaching tips.