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Mental Fitness Cards

Mental Fitness Cards | Special Education


A set of 100 activities designed to stimulate the brain and improve memory

Developed by adult education specialist and teacher Marge Engelman, Ph.D., Mental Fitness Cards can be used by individuals or small groups to keep the mind active at any age.

Challenging activity categories stimulate creative abilities and cover a wide variety of mental exercises. Some exercises look back, but most focus on living in the present and looking to the future.

The Mental Fitness Cards boxed card set includes mental fitness cards and an instruction booklet, which shows ways to use the cards, lists other mentally beneficial activities and explains how mental aerobics help keep the brain alert.

Mental Fitness Cards

Mental Fitness Cards
Price: $27.00   SRP: $29.00

Features and Benefits

  • Provides 4 x 6-inch activity cards and an instructional booklet
  • Ideal for individual or small group practice
  • Includes categories like Wake Up Your Brain, Memory, Numbers, Words, Creative Problem Solving, Puzzles, and Brainstorming