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Mi Primera Lección en Inglés

Mi Primera Lección en Inglés | Special Education


A curriculum for Spanish speaking students learning basic English skills

The curriculum features teacher scripts in Spanish to help students understand the lessons. Lessons focus on verbs and are illustrated with clear, realistic photos showing the actions in context. Students see, hear, read and write English in each lesson. Curriculum includes assessments and measurable objectives.

By David Kinney, a veteran Spanish-speaking ELL teacher. Covered spiralbound book, 220 pages, with a Win/Mac CD with printable PDF, 2008.

Purchase book individually or in a money-saving Classroom Kit that includes 8 books and a PDF on CD with Classroom License for printouts.

Mi Primera Lección en Inglés

Mi Primera Lección en Inglés
Price: $27.00   SRP: $29.00
Mi Primera Lección en Inglés Classro
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Features and Benefits

  • Provides repetitive, step-by-step exercises
  • Ideal for students with an intellectual disability or autism
  • Focuses on verbs with illustrated and realistic photos
  • Includes teacher scripts in Spanish, and assessments and objectives