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MIRROR-CAM | Video Capture


IPEVO Mirror-CamFree the Doc Cam in your laptop

Project anything onto your laptop screen in real-time. Just attach Mirror-Cam to the built-in webcam of your laptop and see everything that happens over the keyboard instantly streamed to the screen.

Showcase your work, reflect on your learning!

Mirror-Cam lets students take the lead of their own learning, even through online lessons. It gives you an overhead view to create a showcase space where students can take notes, create a sketch, solve a math problem, give explanations, do read-alouds, and many other things.

Mirror-Cam gives parents the flexibility and convenience to make the most out of the learning process! Be it online or offline, Mirror-Cam is a great interactive tool.

Turn your keyboard into whiteboard

The packaging of Mirror-Cam has more than just one use. With a simple flip, turn it into a whiteboard and place it over your laptop's keyboard, white side up. Now you can write and draw on it, as on any other whiteboard. Just make sure to use whiteboard markers so you can easily erase what you have already shared and start anew.

Simple and Powerful Tool

Mirror-Cam is pocket-size, lightweight and extremely easy to use. Mirror-Cam has flexible flaps that are adjustable and fit a wide range of laptops & Chromebooks and can also easily be folded into a flat position to take it wherever you go.

Mirror-Cam’s easy-to-use design allows it to become an excellent and fun companion for digital lessons. Be creative and make it your own!

Mirror-Cam, your new learning buddy!

  • Effective and Interactive Learning:: With Mirror-Cam, students take the lead of their own learning. See them live as they solve the hardest math problems, or they record a read aloud video to share with you. Teachers can do live tutorials, and students can show their work progress.
  • Easy to Use:: Attach and visualize. Mirror-Cam is perfect for all-ages. Everything that happens over your keyboard, happens on your laptop screen. It creates a “document camera effect” that allows you to share any work remotely.
  • Ingenious smart Design:: Mirror-Cam features a smart, foldable, and compact design that is fun and easy for kids and adults alike. Its flexible flaps are adjustable and fit a wide range of Laptops & Chromebooks. Its pocket-size design and lightweight allows you to take it wherever you go.
  • Pair it with IPEVO Visualizer software for the best Mirror-Cam experience!: Take advantage of the many great features in the IPEVO Visualizer Software to make sure you capture the best image with your Mirror-Cam.
  • Turn your keyboard into whiteboard:: The packaging of Mirror-Cam can also be used as a whiteboard. Simple flip it and place it over your laptop's keyboard to have an instant showcase space where you can write and draw using erasable markers.

    • Publisher: Ipevo
    • Grade Level: All Ages
    • Item #: 153988
    Price: $37.00   SRP: $39.99

    Features and Benefits

    Sturdy, heavyweight, and sleek, IPEVO Uplift is the ultimate tool for those who choose to use their smartphone as a document camera or/and as a webcam. It sports a multi-jointed arm, which allows easy angle and distance adjustments. This way you can frame the image the way you need and display your work clearly and in full. The Uplift’s head can be rotated, and transition seamlessly between vertical and horizontal orientation. This also helps, when you want to switch between showing your desk and showing yourself. The metal base of Uplift keeps your phone stable and doesn’t limit your workspace, thanks to its small footprint. To unlock the full potential of Uplift, pair it together with the IPEVO iDocCam app, which will let you share your smartphone’s video feed onto a big screen and make on-the-fly adjustments.

    System Requirements

    Project anything onto your laptop screen in real-time. The mirror inside Mirror-Cam creates an image reflection of the keyboard area of your laptop that can be picked up by the laptop's webcam.