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Mirroring360 | Splashtop, Inc


Large Deployment 20 or more - Annual
Price: $12.49
Standard Package
Price: $14.99
Perpetual Lic +2 Years Support Each
Price: $34.98


Teachers and students can share any content from their devices to the classroom computer and, if connected, to the projector or interactive whiteboard. Turn students into presenters without them moving from their seats. Great for professional development. Ideal for 1:1 and BYOD programs.

Mirroring360 lets you wirelessly share Chromebook, iPad, iPhone, Android, Mac and Windows screens without the need for cables, Apple TV, or Bonjour. Start sharing your work, your ideas, and your apps by using Mirroring360!

Features & Benefits

Mirror up to 4 device screens simultaneously wirelessly. This can be any mix of devices

Use a QR code or 9-digit id to allow participants to quickly and easily connect to your computer

Add favorites to save frequent connections 

Use Mirroring Assist to eliminate the need to use Bonjour on the network

Connection control - Add a password to restrict connections, close a connection, set resolution,
change computer name, turn off Bonjour

Large deployment features - msi package with options to preset default configurations, organizational
license key for easy management

Coming soon record mirrored screens!

System Requirements

Install Mirroring360 onto your PC or Mac

Start Mirroring from devices:
- From iOS devices - turn on AirPlay + Mirroring. Optionally download the Mirroring Assist app from the App store to use a QR code or id

- From Android devices - install the Mirroring360 Sender app from Google Play

- From a Chromebook, PC or Mac - install the Mirroring360 for Chrome extension from the Chrome webstore